Thursday, September 10, 2009

Test it out

Well, after I was at the prayer room for awhile today I became very curious about this dancing business. I know that people danced before the Lord, and I know people still do today. I have just always viewed it as strange. Today when I was watching people it did not seem so strange it seemed freeing. That is when I decided to test it out for myself. So I went home (trust me when I say I should never dance in public) to give it a try. I felt so awkward as I turned off the lights in my room and turned on a worship song, but I close my eyes and started to sway. Than I pictured myself holding the hand of God, us dancing together and I finally forgot about it being weird. It was a beautiful personal moment of dancing with God. I felt so free. I am not saying that I want to dance in front of people, or that I don't still find it odd at times, but I do see that when done in the right heart it can be beautiful.

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