Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Thoughts (a more serious side)

I have been a Christian the majority of my life. I would like to say I have some understanding of who God is and what His word teaches. Today I realized how little understanding I do have. I do not say that in a condemning way, I am just beginning to understand how much more He is.
I was in the prayer room (IHOP) today and I had a God moment. I was standing there singing “break the chains the hinder me, the chains of yesteryear” and I realized how bound I was. I heard God so clearly say, “Katie, if you will let me break the chains of who you think I am I will set you free.” I began to cry, because I have never known the true beauty of God in my expression of love to Him. I sat back and watched as people danced (a difficult concept for me), sang, lifted hands, cried out in pain, sat in wonder… All to the same God for the same purpose of expressing there feelings to a God who hears. I even watched as a disabled man danced from his wheel chair in worship. I knew in that moment, that God had given that freedom of expression in singing, I just choose to hold back a lot of the time.
I began to think how beautiful the church of God would be if we embraced the liberty and freedom of God, in our expression to Him, as well as in our understanding of Him. How great would it be if we would simply lay aside our idea’s of who we think He is or how we think He would respond and truly seek Him out?
I am not saying we should have chaos in the church, I am saying we should have freedom in the church. We respect one another, yet we seek true freedom and understanding. My challenge for my own life is to get to know God for who He is… To worship Him, not in the confines of my understanding, but in the liberty of His love. So join me on my search and allow yourself to let go of all you think you know and find out who He is.

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