Monday, June 28, 2010


I have had a frustrating few weeks that have left me at times feeling alone. As I look at my life though I see that I am truly blessed. God knows the right people for our lives we just have to trust Him. Here is a small glimpse of me and some friends having fun.
296. Bad hair cuts that make you laugh until you cry. (Julia and Me)

297. Wendy's...don't ask (Stephen)

298. Peachwave after Wendy's...yummy(Megan and Julia)

299. Cheesecake Factory (Me and Megan)

300. Waffle Night!! (David, Me, Roxy and Tom)

301. Movie night with my small group girls
302. Fly killing contest at work. I won!!
303. Song texts with Jenn
304. Steph hacking my Facebook account
305. Gods provision in EVERY area
306. Talking with my Dad. He is a really great Dad
307. My bible and journal
308. Courage I didn't even know I had
309. Seeing Karate Kid with my roommate.
310. God listening to me and speaking peace and comfort when I need it most.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


After months of collecting dust I threw on my running shoes and ran yesterday. I ran off the stress I was feeling. I ran off the hurt and pain that was so heavy on my heart. I ran until I could be honest with God about my brokenness. I ran until I could not longer breathe. I left my IPOD and cell phone behind so that I could hear if God decided to speak. What I found on my run was peace.
The truth is life is a very messy business and it comes with grief and pain. It is far from being easy and some days are more difficult than others. Yet, when we know the Lord we should be living in peace. This doesn't mean the pain is gone or any less real, it means that you trust Him to carry it. I am so thankful that I am not alone and that He is always with me. He is my rock and my best friend.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am pretty sure my life has never gone according to plan. Once again my plans are crumbling and I am left wondering what the Lord could possibly be doing with my life. I know His plans are good, but what are His plans?? Why am I here (in KC) and what is my purpose?? That has been constantly on my mind the last few weeks. I am not sure I know the answer anymore, but at the same time I know I have a good life. I do not wonder because of circumstances, but out of a desire to fully please the Lord. I want to live a life He is proud of! As I pray through these thoughts one thing is sure, even in my wondering He is near. He speaks when I need Him most, but He also keeps silent so I will learn to trust. I am so sure that He will show me "what now" soon, in the mean time I will sit with my bible, coffee, and journal waiting to hear Him. So if you are a faithful reader of my blog(mom) stick with me as I search out His plans once again.