Monday, May 24, 2010


Another week has gone by full of the goodness of God! I am so glad I serve such a good God!
286. JOB!!!
287. Coffee with a spiritual "mom"
288. Tears flowing because of an incredible touch from the Lord
289. Watching a really stupid movie with friends and adding our own twists.
290. Talking with my Cousin (Mind-o) of FB... she is pretty amazing
291. Dreams that make me laugh and give direction
292. A day with friends painting (painting isn't my fav, but the conversation was great!)
293. My nephew just wanting to say hi on the phone.
294. Peace... I can never be to thankful for the peace of God
295. The Lord being my "Husband" He is amazing.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I got a job!! It is true. I am offically starting as a Starbucks barista on Monday. This is such an answer to prayer! This means next week will be full of Starbucks and starting at IHOP. I know it is all going to be good. I can see Gods hand on my life and how He is working everything out. I am the first to admit that I struggle in believing that things will work out, but God has never failed me. I am very thankful for that. Still praying over a few things, but I am pretty sure He has those figured out too:)
Thanks for all the prayers (and to those who support me monthly with $ THANK YOU A TON)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Multitude Monday

It is amazing to me how the Lord always knows what we need when we need it. After a week of job hunting and way to much alone time I was blessed with a unplanned dinner with friends, a reunion with my pal Roxy, girls night and a movie at home. I am very blessed here in KC and it is always good when God reminds me of that fact.
276. housemates new baby Krisalyn (Krissy).
277. Jen and Roxy being back in town. I love my Intro Fam:)
278. Girls movie night turning into us girls laughing so hard we could no longer hear the movie.
279. A new coffee shop to hang out at with a good book
280. My housemates. I am so blessed to live here! They are so sweet and fun!
281. Pam's mom being here and cooking really great food
282. Watching North by Northwest...classic
283. Incredible time in the word and prayer! He knew exactly what I needed to read.
284. I HAVE AN INTERVIEW!! After applying last week I have my first interview tomorrow.
285. The knowledge that God has my life all worked out, even if I don't see it.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

back in KC

I have spent the week job hunting and trying to find my place here at IHOP. After days of sitting at coffee shops filling out endless applications I am taking a moment to blog. I would love to share that since I returned to KC everything in my life has unfolded according to plan and is perfectly wonderful, but that is not the case.
Life has continued to throw me curves and I am still learning how to let God navigate and not freak out and take over. I can honestly say that this has lead to some very intense and very honest dialog with God. Realizing that God hears my prayers is one thing, but realizing He hears my whining and rants about how I have no clue what He is thinking is another. As I become honest (perhaps for the first time) with God, the daily burdens become less. It is much easier to lay down what is so heavy on my heart, when I know God fully understands how it makes me feel. He is my comfort and my guidance and I am beginning to understand what it means to never be alone. There are a lot of unknowns in my life at this moment, but God has figured them out and I am pretty sure He'll tell me what I need to know at just the right moment.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


My Mom
Sitting on her lap in our giant brown rocking chair singing songs to Jesus I learned how to Praise. Watching her daily sit with her bible, tears running down her cheeks, I learned how to soak in the Word. Daily being pulled aside before school for prayer, I learned to pray. Hearing her tell the weirdest jokes, I learned how to laugh. She taught me to cook, clean, have fun, love and stand on my head. She gave me so much, including her face! To my twin aka Mom. I love you! Happy Mothers Day!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

deep breath

*deep breath* I am not alone. I am not standing alone in this life just trying to make it. I am fully guided, passionately loved, and always wanted by a wonderful MAN. Jesus has never left me and He has never stopped leading me. It is easy in the face of trial to feel alone and feel defeated. It is easy to give up, but who is our guide?
At the age of four I committed my life to Christ. Since that day I have been guided by Him. He has lead me out of trials brought on by life and ones I willing walked into. Today He is guiding me through a wilderness of emotion. He hasn't left me and He is ok with all my questions. I am feel Him here. I know He has a plan. I know He holds me up. I remind myself to take a deep breath and remember I am His. I have a good life, even if it is different than I thought. I have a million things to smile about and I know true joy. After all things never really are as bad as they seem.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Sometimes answers come when you least expect them too. It happens in the blink of an eye and a long time question is made clear. The clarity hits and you are left trying to figure out what to do next. Sometimes it leaves you questioning what you heard in the first place. Sometimes with clarity comes a dozen more questions that need to be answered. And somtimes with clarity comes tears.
Tears of not understanding why, but knowing God has a plan. Tears of feeling like you are exactly where you should be, but not sure what way to turn. Tears of knowing you have to speak when it is the last thing you want to do. Tears of loosing what was once a pretty fun dream. Tears of releaf...knowing you at least know you heard something...
God has a plan for me and it is good. I am just figuring out what good looks like in my story.