Thursday, May 6, 2010

deep breath

*deep breath* I am not alone. I am not standing alone in this life just trying to make it. I am fully guided, passionately loved, and always wanted by a wonderful MAN. Jesus has never left me and He has never stopped leading me. It is easy in the face of trial to feel alone and feel defeated. It is easy to give up, but who is our guide?
At the age of four I committed my life to Christ. Since that day I have been guided by Him. He has lead me out of trials brought on by life and ones I willing walked into. Today He is guiding me through a wilderness of emotion. He hasn't left me and He is ok with all my questions. I am feel Him here. I know He has a plan. I know He holds me up. I remind myself to take a deep breath and remember I am His. I have a good life, even if it is different than I thought. I have a million things to smile about and I know true joy. After all things never really are as bad as they seem.

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