Monday, August 30, 2010


This week I am Thankful for amazing time with my sister and her family

327. A trip to Nashville
328. Great work friends
329. Making new friends
330. Amazing time in the GPR yesterday:)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Life is Good

I am sitting in my room listening to worship music. This is the first time in almost a week that I have been alone long enough to blog, think, and pray. I have come to realize that more than anything else I need alone time with the Lord. I am not someone who can go go go without feeling it. I get exhausted in every way. I believe this is a gift from God, it is my reminder that He is what I need. Although the last week has been insane it has also been good!! I went to Nashville for a concert and met some amazing people. On Tuesday my sister came to town with her family. I lived with my sister before moving to Kansas City, so it was like old times having us all together. All in all my heart is full. I am so joyful that God has blessed my life. Things are still tough at times, but when I slow down long enough to reflect on everything I can see the Lord at work. I believe this is just the beginning of a new and very good season.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

all is well

Not much to report:)Thankful that: I went Nashville, my sister is in town and I am very excited for another great and busy week. More later when time is not an issue:)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


321. good healthy food...and now a recipe:)

I wanted to make a pasta dish that would be good cold because it is five million degrees here. What I landed on was amazing. So here is what I did
Boil pasta (about 1/2 a box) 2c. to 3c. uncooked (wheat pasta is best)
In a skilled saute
a little olive oil
1 yellow pepper
1 orange pepper
1/2 onion
garlic (to your liking)
salt to taste
once this is smelling awesome add
1 lb of asparagus chopped
1 cup chopped mushrooms
cook but leave some crunch. mushy is nasty
add to pasta along with sun dried tomato's, and feta, and balsamic dressing (as much as you like but don't drowned it)
Super good hot or cold...
You can also add chicken if you want

322. "date night" with Abby (3) and Krisalyn (3mths) We went to Chick Fil A and peachwave while Mommy and Daddy had a free evening
323. Healing Ministry!! So thankful to be apart of it
324. A new CD!! woot woot
325. being able to pay my bills...hate to see the money leave but nice to know I have my bills covered.


Surrounded by unbelief I find my soul is restless. I am constantly questioning what is next and how I ended up in this valley. Was this all meant to be or is it a mere distraction? Finding my footing is one thing that I have managed but all I can do is stand. I am not sure if the stillness is good or bad, but it is all I have to offer at this moment. I dropped everything believing life would fall into place, it was not what I thought. It is a challenge, a daily battle. I want to run, but I refuse defeat. I know the more I read and pray the more of myself I will find. I believe that life will come back to my dead dreams, but I do not see it. When will this test be over? When will this valley end? When will the dry bones live again? All I know is that this is not it. There is absolutely more for me than this. More dreams, more visions, more words, more clarity, more direction... I know He is about to speak. I know He is about to break through on my behalf... That is what I must cling too.

Monday, August 9, 2010


311. Roommates who make you lunch when you're sad
312. Clarity that comes when the sadness has lifted
313. Blue Koi. Yummy food and great chats with Megan
314. Seeing how amazing my life truly is
315. An email from my brother. I love that guy.
316. My Dad buying me a plane ticket home.
317. Jogging...takes the stress away
318. My nephew telling me "I will be your boyfriend."
319. Lunch with my friend Jen
320. Amazing time alone with God. He has never failed me. He is always good.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not Alone

I am looking at my life today and realizing how blessed I am. This week has been very tough for me, but amazing all at the same time. I was hurt by a friend, but I was also set free. In a matter of days God has restored so much passion and desire in me for Him and for His plans. He has reminded me that I am not alone, but surrounded by incredible friends. He has taught me how to forgive, but also how to be more guarded. He is teaching me boundaries and how to move forward. Most of all He is simply loving me. I began this week in tears and I am ending it in smiles knowing I am absolutely not alone.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

He Made Me This Way

From the beginning I have known that God made me different. He made me tender and compassionate. He made me someone who forgives easily and loves deeply. He me quiet, but gave me a lot to say. He made me shy and bold. Most of all He made me a lover. I realize the older I get that I do not love the way others do. I tend to overlook most everything and find the teeny part of a relationship that is good and hold on for dear life. Unfortunately, this can cause some serious pain. I ofter question why I am the way I am. Why can I never just walk away from people? Why? Today as I was jogging I realized it is because I am a lover like my heavenly Father.
God loves on a level I cannot begin to comprehend. He sees past all the horrible things we do to hurt Him and hurt each other and loves us anyways. He never holds a grudge and He is quick to forgive. He is tender and He is kind. But God is also quick to defend. He is right in His judgment and stands by His words.
I am a lover, but I must also learn to stand. I must come to a balance and realize that the deepest love is proven in trial and the willingness to speak up. I know now that love is not only proven by standing by someone, but also in walking away. I am asking the Lord to show me the proper balance in my own life and relationships. I want to be a lover, but one who takes a stand.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can't Keep Me Down!

Life is so hard at times. I have been in a season of trials. Trials that I thought I had overcome long ago. It has been so difficult to face these trials so far from home. At times all I have wanted was to go to my parents house and have them baby me or call up both my sisters and go to a stupid chick flick. Unfortunately, that is not an option when you live 2000mi away. This trial is one I have had to face head on with Jesus. He has been my support when I have felt alone in Missouri. He has shown me the incredible people in my life that I can turn too(housemates rule!) Most of all He has reminded me that I am fully able to forgive and move forward no matter how wronged I feel. There is no grudge worth keeping and there is no trial I cannot overcome with the Lord. He is my strength and I am so passionate about who He is making me. I am stronger today than yesterday and that makes the trial worth it. I see now that I deserve to be valued and treasured. I am not settling now or ever. I have great things ahead. No more wasting time in the pit, I am getting up and running forward. Watch out world!!