Wednesday, August 4, 2010

He Made Me This Way

From the beginning I have known that God made me different. He made me tender and compassionate. He made me someone who forgives easily and loves deeply. He me quiet, but gave me a lot to say. He made me shy and bold. Most of all He made me a lover. I realize the older I get that I do not love the way others do. I tend to overlook most everything and find the teeny part of a relationship that is good and hold on for dear life. Unfortunately, this can cause some serious pain. I ofter question why I am the way I am. Why can I never just walk away from people? Why? Today as I was jogging I realized it is because I am a lover like my heavenly Father.
God loves on a level I cannot begin to comprehend. He sees past all the horrible things we do to hurt Him and hurt each other and loves us anyways. He never holds a grudge and He is quick to forgive. He is tender and He is kind. But God is also quick to defend. He is right in His judgment and stands by His words.
I am a lover, but I must also learn to stand. I must come to a balance and realize that the deepest love is proven in trial and the willingness to speak up. I know now that love is not only proven by standing by someone, but also in walking away. I am asking the Lord to show me the proper balance in my own life and relationships. I want to be a lover, but one who takes a stand.

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