Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Can't Keep Me Down!

Life is so hard at times. I have been in a season of trials. Trials that I thought I had overcome long ago. It has been so difficult to face these trials so far from home. At times all I have wanted was to go to my parents house and have them baby me or call up both my sisters and go to a stupid chick flick. Unfortunately, that is not an option when you live 2000mi away. This trial is one I have had to face head on with Jesus. He has been my support when I have felt alone in Missouri. He has shown me the incredible people in my life that I can turn too(housemates rule!) Most of all He has reminded me that I am fully able to forgive and move forward no matter how wronged I feel. There is no grudge worth keeping and there is no trial I cannot overcome with the Lord. He is my strength and I am so passionate about who He is making me. I am stronger today than yesterday and that makes the trial worth it. I see now that I deserve to be valued and treasured. I am not settling now or ever. I have great things ahead. No more wasting time in the pit, I am getting up and running forward. Watch out world!!

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  1. YaY for you! I LOVE YOU! You deserve the handsomest, richest, Jesus lovingest Boaz in the world!