Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Life keeps moving forward even when we are not ready. It takes turns and twists that we don't expect. Even in the dullest of moments it is changing. At moments it feels like a whirl wind. At times the change is a gentle breeze, but either way you are moving. Knowing this to be true I constant question what direction I am headed.
I want my life to move forward in the direction of the Lord, yet I often fear that I will mess up. I am so desperate to please God, but I am not always sure what that looks like. How can I honor Him in changing and moving of life? How can I be all that he wants me to be? I am often overwhelmed with not knowing. I just want Him to say, "well done" and not "what did you do?" I want my life to be pleasing.
I realize that the only way to fully please Him is to live for Him and to understand that at times we all fail. I am not going to get it right every time. I am going to stumble, but I know that my love for Him will keep me getting back up. I know that every movement s one of faith, but that God will not cause me to stumble. I am sure He is with me and I am sure that whether a whirl wind or a breeze, He will be there to guide the movement of my life.

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