Sunday, August 15, 2010


Surrounded by unbelief I find my soul is restless. I am constantly questioning what is next and how I ended up in this valley. Was this all meant to be or is it a mere distraction? Finding my footing is one thing that I have managed but all I can do is stand. I am not sure if the stillness is good or bad, but it is all I have to offer at this moment. I dropped everything believing life would fall into place, it was not what I thought. It is a challenge, a daily battle. I want to run, but I refuse defeat. I know the more I read and pray the more of myself I will find. I believe that life will come back to my dead dreams, but I do not see it. When will this test be over? When will this valley end? When will the dry bones live again? All I know is that this is not it. There is absolutely more for me than this. More dreams, more visions, more words, more clarity, more direction... I know He is about to speak. I know He is about to break through on my behalf... That is what I must cling too.

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  1. Believing that in this place of desperation, God is going to meet you and answer you in ways above and beyond what you can even imagine. You are His Princess, His Prize, you HAVE NOT messed are right on track.
    Love you and am praying as always for you.