Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am pretty sure my life has never gone according to plan. Once again my plans are crumbling and I am left wondering what the Lord could possibly be doing with my life. I know His plans are good, but what are His plans?? Why am I here (in KC) and what is my purpose?? That has been constantly on my mind the last few weeks. I am not sure I know the answer anymore, but at the same time I know I have a good life. I do not wonder because of circumstances, but out of a desire to fully please the Lord. I want to live a life He is proud of! As I pray through these thoughts one thing is sure, even in my wondering He is near. He speaks when I need Him most, but He also keeps silent so I will learn to trust. I am so sure that He will show me "what now" soon, in the mean time I will sit with my bible, coffee, and journal waiting to hear Him. So if you are a faithful reader of my blog(mom) stick with me as I search out His plans once again.

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