Saturday, September 19, 2009


I am not a huge fan of money. Money is something I always need and is the main area I struggle to trust in. I have never really lacked anything and God has always provided, but for some reason I still have a hard time. When I decided to come to Missouri, I knew that God would have to provide the money. I knew that I wanted to be debt free and not in place of constant fret while here. I began to pray and at moments I was full of faith, in others I was full of worry. In March I was able to pay my car off and get out of debt, this was huge for me and a sign that God was working everything out. I worked every hour that I could work and I continued to pray about God giving me the money for the three months I would be gone.
Two weeks before leaving I was $1000.00 short of what I needed. I went to work that day to give my boss the money I had made by selling stuff for her, hoping she would give me half, she did. In one afternoon I went from being $1000.00 to $200.00 short, plus travel money. Well, I just kept getting blessed at work. I received two large bonuses within days and I had all the savings I needed. Three days before I left God used two separate couples in my church to provide the travel money I needed. I cried the entire way home that night. I knew this was a sign to me that God wanted me to go and that He would always provide for me. I learned through all of this that if I trust God and submit to walking in faith He will see me through. I just need to keep His faithfulness in front of me instead of fear.
As I look at going home I have a very different outlook. I need about $650.00, to ship my car, and I know that is a small number to God. He has been so faithful why would I ever want to doubt him? I encourage you to look at all the moments God has provided for you, keep them in front of you and always be thankful.