Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I miss my mom

I am sitting downstairs of my house(in Missouri) and someone is playing the piano upstairs. They are playing old old songs I grew up hearing in church. Songs that I would listen to my dad sing over and over. It makes me think of how truly blessed I am. My parents have given me so much spiritual heritage, so much love and have never turned there backs on me.
As a child I had a wonderful mom who taught me how to pray and love the word of God. I had a dad who taught me how to worship with your whole heart and that its to not be perfect. As an adult I have two parents I could go to for anything and about anything. They support me as I find my own way with God and what His plans are for me. They encourage me to seek HIS very best at all times and to never settle. They have even at times watched me fall on my face, but they let me know it would be ok and I would come out on top.
Yes, my parents are flawed. They, like all parents, made mistakes while raising us. I am sure they have list of "if I could do this over..." But God used them despite the flaws to raise my sisters and I to love God, to love His word, and to live always for Him. For that I am very grateful.
So mom and dad...thanks... I love you
Katie Marie

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