Thursday, September 3, 2009

Rough Day On The Road

It is day number 2 of the great drive to Missouri. After a long overnight drive we decided to sleep a little late (7:30) and only drive to Cheyenne. Now keep in mind Cheyenne is still nearly 500 miles and majority of that is through the mountains. Everything along the way looks exactly the same, dry and Mountainish.

In the beginning of the trip I decided to photograph everything we passed, saw a lake...decided it was the great Salt Lake, saw a town... decided it was a village of Mormans with lots of wives and thousands of children, saw a Lincoln monument...that one was real.

The day was progessing nicely when we decided to stop and use the restroom. This stop was the Lord, because with my coffee loving vision I saw it, STARBUCKS!!! It did not matter how much coffee I had already had, we must go there. So we fill up with gas and head on over. Unfortunatly, this is where the bad luck begins. I order a sweetened ice green tea lemonade, Maria orders a iced white mocha. She ends up with a marble mocha, which is a fancy way of waying a mocha they messed up on and added white chocolate to. I end up waiting and waiting and waiting... finally I get my drink and we are on the road.

As we pull onto the freeway I see a sign that says "wreck up ahead expect two hour delay". This cannot be true there are a total of five other cars on the road, all of which are driving 80+ no way is there going to be traffic... Oh wait signs don't normally lie. We finally hit the traffic 30min down the road. It is at a dead stop everyone out of the cars. Well, I busted out my pillow and layed on the trunk, I walked around, I read a book, I sat staring into the great nothingness, I watched th lady in front of us groom her giant dog(including his manly parts..YUCK)... I waited. Finally, we move...ten feet and than stop for 20 more minutes... Hours later we are moving. Now this is the point that my Saturn proves her greatness. We beat everyone in our path, we owned the road, we had a need for speed... Sophie (my car) was a racer and it was amazing.

At six we get to our hotel, we check in get our key and start unloading, I go and grab Maria's laptop bag and it falls out onto my toe. I drop to the ground scream S@#% , which I would never normally say, and than think oh crap I broke my toe, and the just my toe not the laptop. After the wonderful show I put on I manage to stand and walk to the door... What do I see? Giant dogs, like the one in traffic, everywhere. It is a dog show. Weird.

Finally the day ends on a happier note, we go grab some good food and see the awesome cowboy boots... see pic to understand
PS. also chipped the windshield, maria broke her sun glasses, and had a bug fly down my pants

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  1. LOL. This is pretty great. I love the Tyson truck in the background. You should have walked back to those RV folks and asked if they wanted to hang out in the back or something.