Thursday, September 17, 2009

The bugs are back in town

I woke up when I was suppose to be leaving the house this morning, which happens more often than it should, so I was in a mad rush to get ready. I take a quick shower, hop out and am about to brush my teeth when I see it...a bug of DOOM. I try to remind myself that this bug will not hurt me and go to get dressed. After a minute of two I head back to the bathroom to put makeup on and do my hair when I see the biggest nastiest bug of all time. We are taking horror flick kind of bug. This sucker is huge! I jump back a little, my heart is beating and I run and grab the broom (see previous bug blog). I start my sneaky approach, hit the broom down and it LEAPS at me. I freak out, run away and than whack at it again and again it leaps at me. Now it is out of the bathroom, so I figure it is best to finish up. With one eye on the bug and one on the task at hand I spot another bug. This one it sitting by the sink and I leave it, figuring it is best to not start another war I don't have time to finish. Only now I am standing about 6 feet away from the sink trying to get ready (very difficult). I put my makeup on and it the mirror I see another bug in the shower. I am freaking out now and I run out of the bathroom, refusing to ever enter it again. I climb over my bed, because of the first bug I do not want to touch the floor, and grab my bag and off I go. I give the place over to the bugs. These giant, leaping, man eating bugs can have the place.... I come home later and they are spraying for bugs in my room, I am so grateful. In my mind I think, "You may have one this morning, but who's laughing now."


  1. bugs that can jump or fly should be abolished from the earth.

  2. This is the best I wish I could have been there to scream with you