Monday, September 7, 2009

Mom Jeans

I am from the generation of low rise jeans. They really are a beautiful thing, unless you have muffin tops. Recently I came to a conclusion that it was time to buy jeans that are made for a 26yr old and not a 16yr old. This means not being caught up on the rise of the jeans, but the way the jeans make me look (hiding the muffin tops). So I bought jeans with a higher waste. I call them mom jeans. They sit right below my belly button and look really great. My issue is that I am used to low rise jeans and so all day I have felt like there is something wrong with my pants. I don't love this feeling. I keep wanting to pull them down to my hips, giving me back my muffin tops. I tell ya, getting used to 26yr old pants in hard work. So for now I am not buying any more mom jeans, I will keep my muffin tops.


  1. they are not mom jeans unless they go above your belly button, taper at the ankle and are that weird medium blue (or a jewel "plum").'re not getting mom jeans, just smart jeans. =)