Wednesday, September 2, 2009

On the Road

I knew that my trip to Missouri was going to be long, exhausting, but it is a road trip with one mymy best friends so I knew memories would be created... I had no idea how many...
The trip started with us leaving at 10:30pm instead of the next morning. We were to excited to sleep anyways so why not drive right??? Well, the reason you should not act on the urge to leave at night is YOU DON'T GET TO SLEEP!!! That's ok though right??? Well...
On our grand adventure I had one energy drink, two coffees, a pop, and water... Maria had an energy drink, red bull, and water... This is when the crazy begins. Maria starts a sentence with "there's understandables" I think the mountain we are driving by looks just like a cow. Maria agrees. In fact we think it looks so much like a cow we talk about it the whole way up the hill, and I point out the ear...oh wait it is a tree... We see a shooting star and almost crap ourselves thinking the sky is falling. Once we realize it is a star we talk about how beautiful it is. We decide cheeito's is the only snack after 2am. We eat a whole bag. At about 5am we hit Boise and things start getting sleepy. We switch drivers four times in a hour.... SO SLEEPY!!! Our brilliant Wendell Idaho... we start giggling due to lack of sleep and can no long control the word vomit from coming out... everything we say is funny... Finally hit Salt Lake... we smell bad, we have not had a meal in a very long time, and we are on a mission to see Mormon Stuff. We see it, and leave. I am pretty sure they wanted to convert us... Day One Ends with... nap time, dinner, showers, back to bed.

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