Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to School

Today was my first day of the Commission Classes here in KC. I will admit that I was very nervous about going, so I got up early to pray about the day. God was so faithful, because today I had no issue with shyness. I was able to small talk with people and I even made it upstairs in my house. I also made it to the store. All in all today was a day of small victories.
Something I learned today was to take time to meditate on what God is trying to show you in His word. Don't only dwell on the concepts you understand, because you will not get a full picture of who He is. Allow Him to reveal new truths to you in His word and be willing to wrestle your way through them. This may seem basic, but how often do we read the same verses or the same chapters in the bible, because it is what we know? How often do we avoid books because they are hard to understand? Think about it. Are you avoiding a new and great revelation God could be wanting to show you?

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