Sunday, September 6, 2009

Made It

Well, we finally made it to Missouri. The last leg of our trip was uneventful, due to exaustion and wanting to be anywhere but the car. We were delirious so everything was funny. After a wonderful night of staying with some family friends we came to my new place. I am living with a very kind family that I do not know. It is hard, because I know I should get to know them, but I feel so shy. I hate the feeling of wanting to be brave and not knowing how. I have walked half way up the stairs and back down about fifteen times now. I have no reason to be intimidated, but I am. Ugh. I am believing that soon I will be bold and this will not be an issue. Until that moment comes I will keep walking up the stairs and eventually have courage enough to stay up there and talk to them.

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