Friday, October 30, 2009


Being an auntie is one of the highlights of my life. When my nephew was born I became an auntie for the first time. Soon following his arrival my oldest niece joined the family, I knew it was the way God intended. They crack me up more than anyone. As an auntie I spoil them and than send them home. They still don't think I am ever serious. In February I was made an auntie again and I was thrilled. To see the joy in your sisters face is worth more than words.
One thing I love about being an auntie are those rare moments you get to be apart of a first. My nephew gave me my first(and only) hickey at six weeks. He was the first baby boy in our family. I was able to see a lot of firsts with him. My oldest niece came around later so I missed her firsts until this summer when I pulled out her first tooth. She was so brave and we got it out in no time. She may never let me near her face again, but that is ok. Yesterday, my baby niece clapped for the first time while I was on skype. It was a little treasure to my heart to see her chubby little hands finally master the art of clapping. She was so proud of herself. As an auntie I don't get to be apart of every moment, but God saves a little treasure here and there just for me.

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  1. You are a great Auntie, and your nieces and nephew are ready for you to come home!