Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Straight From My Journal... YIKES!

Today I wanted to share a prayer from my journal. It is a prayer from my heart to Jesus. I am sharing this, because even as I read it I can see the battle of knowing who I really am. The more I am with God the more I see what He sees. My prayer is that I stay in a place of honesty before the Lord. I have doubts, but He doesn't. When I speak to Him, He reaffirms who I really am.

I see all these worshipers, all these moving in your anointing, it is overwhelming. I think," Who am I?" I know You love me as I am and I know You can use me. Even if I sing only to You my life will be pure greatness. I long to do great things, but more I long to please You. I desire to bring glory to Your name. I don't care what my mind says, my heart KNOWS I am Yours. My songs are Yours, my words are Yours, my steps are Yours. It is satisfying to my soul to know I am Yours. When you look at me my spirit leaps screaming, "Do you see Him? He is mine and I am His! Isn't it Wonderful?" When my mind tries to doubt let me remember what You have said to me." You say, " I am Yours."
Your Love,

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