Thursday, October 29, 2009


For many years I was shy. I was unable to talk when I felt uncomfortable in any way. I am no longer that shy, but one thing has stuck from all those years of quiet, sometimes I have nothing to say. I have quiet days. I have days where all I really want to do is listen. I just have days where my words are few. These days don't come often, but here and there they hit me. It is not quiet due to sadness or self reflection it is just a listening day.
Today I am quiet. I have few words, but my heart is overflowing. Today I sit and I listen as I read the word. I sit and wait to hear the voice of God, the one I love. I sit and stare into His eyes waiting to hear the faintest whisper. I don't need to say anything, my heart speaks volumes over any words I could produce. He has captured me and all I want to do is hear. Some days I want to shout of His goodness, but today I want to sit and listen.
I am thankful for my quiet day. I am thankful that in the silence I can hear God's voice. I am pouring all I have out He hears me. When I am talking a mile a minute he listens. Today I quiet my spirit that He may pour out His heart. Take a quiet day. Just listen. Listen to the voice of the one you love, He has much to tell you.

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  1. I am so thankful for you. I know exactly how that feels. I'm a loud person, but there are days that all I do is absorb His words, His presence, and His love. I think those are my favorite days:)