Wednesday, October 21, 2009


At commission we have been talking a lot about how in order to have sustaining prayer, you must have enjoyable prayer. This has been hitting so hard to me because prayer has often been a struggle. It is not that I do not love God, but somehow long periods of praying seem difficult. Well, we have talked a lot about different things to do in time of prayer and one of those is mediation on the word.
Meditation on the word has always seems like a far off idea to me. I thought it meant you sit down and think, after that five seconds was over than what??? Our wonderful teacher Ian gave us some things to help us meditate on the word that I want to pass on to you.
1. Pick a verse that reveals Gods heart for you or that really speaks to you.
2. Take a piece of paper and make three sections. One large section to write out your prayer, a side section to write future studies that come to you while meditating, one section to recognize distractions (this is so you can address distractions without having to loose focus)
3. With your verse you will read it, write out what He says to you through it, sing it, say it OUT LOUD, and think about it.
Here is an example verse from today
Ps. 36:7 "How precious is you lovingkindness, O God, Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wing."
My writing : Your lovingkindness is better than life. When I am in the safety of your love I have nothing to fear. I love you, because You first loved me. Your love is precious, it is sweet.
Think: God gave me a picture. I was at the beach and as I getting out of the water and it was sticky and I needed to rinse off the salt water. If i did not rinse off I would have a film on my skin. Spiritually we have a film on our inner man from living in this world and we must constantly be washed in His lovingkindness.
Try all the steps for yourself. I did this for 25min today and it seemed so short. It really does make a difference.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Katie. I miss you. :-)

  2. Yes this is awesome and so what I nedded to read you are amazing I am so excited for you to come home and share everything you've learned with me!!!!