Monday, October 26, 2009

One Month

Today real life came knocking. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later, but I was avoiding it. I am in a place with only Jesus. I have few friends, no job, and little family (Groves are here) in Missouri, nothing to keep me from investing every spare moment I can find into my relationship with Jesus.

Today I received an email from work at home. A reminder that real life it a month away. At first I wanted to cry. I my heart has been changed while I have been here. I feel as though I have met Jesus for the first time. He has become more real to me than any other season of my life and the thought of other things coming between us makes me so sad. As I walked to class on this beautiful fall morning the sadness faded. I was reminded of how much of what God has done in me has made me long for home.

I want to tell everyone how enjoyable serving God is. I want to be a driving force in the awakening of prayer in Portland. I want to see Switch grow with 65 new souls. I want to watch my family grow closer as we challenge one another to pursue the Lord a little deeper. I want to see the families I nanny for come to know the God I love and give my life for. I want to show others that it is possible to make Jesus first in all things. I want to live this life of prayer in the midst of everyday things. That is my desire.

12. a vision for home
13. The anticipation of Chrissy and I opening our journals and sharing the intimate parts of our hearts over a great cup of coffee
14. Dancing with the Lord when it is just He and I.
15. makeup time with Maudi, who is convinced that we must be twins at all times.
16. The goodness of God in every season of life
17. Faith for promises I have yet to see fulfilled
18. Elliana showing her awesome raspberry skills over skype
19. Malachi's tender heart
20. Singing to the Lord from my heart.
21. Serving a Joyful Righteous King
22. The ability to dream
23. Knowing that not a single prayer I pray falls to the ground
24. Memories of my Grandpa waking up everyday with a song on his lips.
25. The Harms- they have welcomed me into there family while here is Missouri
26. Family in God
27. Knowing that God has a heart of restoration
28. Complete freedom from the past
29. Not feeling trapped in shyness every time I leave the house
30. My Daddy coming to see me and drive my car home. I love being the baby.
31. Family dinner-I never thought I would miss them so much.
32. The Gospels. They have come alive!!

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  1. I feel what you are feeling...the pull between Him and daily living...someday no more pull, but not til we see Him face to face.