Monday, October 19, 2009


It has been a full weekend. My heart is overwhelmed by how good God is to me. I have had a very good life, yet I still struggle with Gods love for me. I wonder how such a God could love me. After all what have I done? The truth being I have done nothing to earn His love, He just wants me to have it.
Over the weekend God poured His love over me by the bucket. I could not escape it. It was His subtle reminder that He is never going to leave me, betray me, and He will always care. I carry scars from wounds others have caused and wounds I have self inflicted. I am still tender in many areas due to these wounds, but God gently touches each one with His healing love. He does not rush past any, He takes His time until one by one the scars begin to fade. He knows the deepest parts of me and He loves me. I am so glad I serve such a good God.
I would like to start writing the things I am thankful for like my awesome mom so here goes...
1. The tender love of God
2. being in Missouri for this season of my life
3. My Mom. She inspires me everyday.
4. My Dad. No matter how old I get I know he will do anything for me.
5. Facebook. I love being able to see pictures of my baby niece as she is growing and changing
6. God never giving up on me
7. My quilt from grandma stewart
8. A warm cup of tea before bed
9. The leaves changing
10. My sisters. We are all very different and I love it.
11. My Bible. I grow to love it more everyday.

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  1. I am so excited for us to share the things God has been doing in us this past couple of months when you get home. I know we are going to sob like babies but I am going to love it!
    If I wrote out my thankful list you would be at the top right after God saving and loving me! you are the most amazing person in the world and the best friend! I love you Katie, come home soon.