Saturday, October 24, 2009


For a while I have been wanting to think of a creative way to make a statement of faith to God. He has given me so many promises in life that I want to see come to pass, but even more He wants to see them come to pass. I am beginning to realize the best thing I can do is embrace the mystery of God, stop trying to figure out how or when and just believe. I wanted something to show that there has been a mark on my heart in the area of faith. I wanted a reminder that when I pray over the promises He has given me and pray according to His will it is a YES!
Last night as i was about to go to sleep I realized what I needed a faith journal. Not a journal full of thoughts, but full of promises. I wanted it to be full of verses on faith and prayers of faith.

My mom gave me a journal when she was here and now it has been deemed my "faith journal". I have only just begun, but the first page is full of verses and than each page after that starts with By Faith.... I have a page for everyone in my family, myself, my future spouse, my future kids, salvation, church and there are more pages to come. I have so much more to do, but I love that this little faith journal can be a testament to me that GOD has heard, HE has answered, and in time I will see how it comes to pass.

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