Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday monday

What a beautiful weekend. I spent the weekend with the Groves. I have known the Groves since I was 15ish and they are family through and through. This week I was missing my family a lot so I decided to go visit the Groves. We have a weekend full of bonfires, sleeping late, monoploy, a walk in the woods, and laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. It was a beautiful. I am glad to be back in Kansas City and I am ready to go to the prayer room this afternoon, but first my multitude of thanks!

33. Family- whether blood related or not
34. My bro-in-laws. They are so nice. They call to check in and I love them
35. Weekends off that include God.
36. The beauty of Gods faithfulness
37. Talking to my friend Rachel as if nothing in life has changed since we met 8 years ago.
38. Taking a walk in the woods and enjoying Gods creation
39. The sunshining through my window
40. Worship music
41. TrueLife
42. beauty of God
43. I am so thankful that today we are going to begin our study on the book of James

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