Sunday, November 8, 2009


I am entering into the last few weeks of my time in Missouri. I cannot believe how quickly time has flown by. It has been so life changing and I know more is to come. As I approach the reality of going home I am left wondering what is next. I am not sure what God has for me. I know the things I am called to, but only God knows how and where they will come to pass. I have a heart for my home and I have a heart for here. Yet, I am not worried about tomorrow.
One thing I have learned very clearly in life is that when you honestly trust fully in God and submit to Him, He will guide you. Sure I may have no clue what next year will bring, but I do know God is guiding me. I know that when I get home I have the tools to flourish in God. I know that whatever God has me do this year it is going to be good. So in all the uncertainty I am smiling. I know God and He is good.
I am praying that in my remaining time here God will speak to me clearly two things.
1. What is it you want me to bring to Portland?
2. What is the next step?
I ask that if you read this blog you pray the same things for me. I believe with all my heart God will show me. Please comment anything I can pray for you about in my remaining time at IHOP.

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