Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ode to Musicals

I love musicals. I love that people break into song in the middle of talking. I love that everyone knows how to sing and dance. I love that everyone knows the same songs. I just love that they seem so far from reality. In musicals you never have to wonder what people are feeling, because they sing it.
I love to sing. If it was not frowned upon I would break out in song while talking to people. I would sing to them everything that is on my mind. Unfortunately, life is not a musical. Life is talking and wondering what in the world people are thinking. Life with God on the other...
Life with God is my musical. It is the one time I am able to sing everything I am thinking, feeling and wanting to say. He sings over me and I sing to Him. He sings songs of love and I sing them back. We know the words to all the same songs. We have one heart. With God I can burst into a chorus and it makes Him smile. His songs always start with love. My songs have questions, but His are full of reassurance. Our musical is beautiful and I love it.


  1. You are getting so amazing at this blog thing! I love that this post both made me laugh and want to sing to Jesus all at the same time.

    Speaking of musicals...name the movie where they say, "what's the wrinkle?" or "here's the wrinkle." or something like that. LOL. JM and I were just remembering it and laughing this past weekend.

  2. I have no idea! oh man I hate it when I can not remember movie quotes. When I get home you and me are having a musical marathon!