Thursday, November 5, 2009


There are days when God uses someone to communitacte so clearly what He is speaking all you can say is "wow".  That is what happend to me today in class.  Currently we are studying the book of James and how to become a end time messanger.  One of the keys to the book of James is the combining of faith and works.  We are living in a "do good" society.  It is trendy to help the poor and needy.  The word justice is tossed around in and out of the church.  As the church we are to be set apart from the world so how in the area of justice can we do that?
Today the teacher said something that answer the question of how.  He said, "When you feed the poor and it does not lead to the message of Jesus you are setting the stage for the anti-christ system."  When I first heard that I was shocked!  How could this be true?  He went on to explain that during the end times the anti christ will rise up to the cry of peace peace.  He will help the needy, do miracles, and being seemingly good.  He will do all this to proclaim himself as god.   If we are to be different faith and works must be hand in hand.  We must always "do good" with a message to back it up.  Everything should point to one man, Jesus Christ.  If we are truly going to address the world issues and start a revolution we must first awaken our faith and remember that it is not just works and it is not just faith, it is both that will change society.  It is both that the world needs in order to be saved.