Monday, November 23, 2009

A full Heart

I will be in Portland in 2.5 days. My week has been full of renewal meetings, prayer room time, friends, and my visiting family(dad and cousin). As I reflect on all that God has done this week I cannot being anything but grateful. He has dug deep into my heart to make more room for Himself. Old ways of thinking are being torn down layer by layer and I am becoming even more aware of how tenderly He deals with His kids. I love the Lord so much, my heart is so full! I feel so free to believe His good plans for my life. I feel so free to expect the very best. I finally see that His gifts are out of love and they will never disappoint.
81. Gods dealings
82. Tears...God created me to be tender and He has given that back to me.
83. Seeing God touch my dad and greg while they were hear.
84. Laughing so hard you cry. (dad and greg are out of control)
85. God knowing I needed someone to pray for me, even though I was to proud to ask.
86. Good gifts from heaven
87. A journal full of ups and downs
88. Peace
89. Videos of Elli "kissing" her doll
90. Talking to my 6yr old niece and knowing she has already planned a girls day for us

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