Wednesday, November 11, 2009


For weeks I have been wrestling with what God wants me to do. Truth be told I am not big on leaving my comfort zone. I like things the same. I like living near family. I like going to church and seeing the same beautiful people. I like the routine of work. I like having a sense of whats next.
Being in Missouri has been the opposite of comfort. I came knowing only the Groves who are an hour away. I had to learn how to live just me and God. It was so difficult, but I knew God was preparing me. I knew the first time I came here I would end up here one day. I applied for Commission at the leading of God and I thought I would go and than return to comfort, but God has other plans for me. He knows that more than I love comfort I love to please Him. I want to live for Him no matter what that means. For this current season it means another leap of faith. It means returning home for the holidays only to come back. It means staying until God says move. It means making friends all over again. It means growing even more in my passion for God. He is faithful, He always has been. I am not affraid of being uncomfortable because I have seen the beauty it draws out.
So I am doing it.... I am going to move.... I am going to leap... I am going to obey...

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