Thursday, March 18, 2010

Water how I miss you.

I am currently living living life without water. Yesterday, the city workers came to fix a problem with the water main and neglected to turn it back on. So I called my housemates, who are out of town, to see what I should do. They called the city and nothing. I called this morning they said they would send someone out it no time. I got back from call and there was still NO WATER!! This is just nasty ok, I mean I am a shower once sometimes twice a day girl, no water is killing me. I decided to call again, this time they inform me that I must be home (hmmm they never metioned that before) and that they had until four. So now I am trapped at my house, with no water until a city worker finally decides to grace me with his presence. All I am saying is life without water is not a life I want to live. Being the stinky kid is not awesome in any way. Welp,that is all that I have from KC today:)
God is always good, even when the water company isn't;)

1 comment:

  1. Hahahaha this is so funny :P You're not the stinky kid I promise!... At least I home not! Did the water people eventually show up?

    Love you!