Monday, March 29, 2010

Do you hear?

I woke up at five again. It was the Lord speaking. He has been talking to me a lot lately. His words are clear. I am not sure what to do other than listen and obey. I lay awake with the sinking reality I cannot go back. Before it was easy to live day to day life unnoticed, quiet, and safe. I was "safe" in my apathy so His words were far and few between. I heard little and did little. Now that my heart is awake I want to hear all He says.
My reality is now full of hearing His voice followed active obedience. I am beginning to look like a fool, but I just have to speak. I cannot hold back what He is saying. I must get it out. I am being humbled. The truth is I care what others think, but I cannot escape the Man who owns my heart. His opinion rules me. I must please Him! I must do as He says! With tears streaming down my face I can say with full confidence I would rather be a fool to man than live another day in silence.

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207. A new faith in my ability to hear
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