Monday, March 8, 2010

Beautiful Blogger

My lovely Mom gave me the beautiful blogger award, which was very sweet. Unfortunately, I am a little behind in the blog world and only follow like 5 people, but I will fill out the seven random facts about myself.
1. I wanted to be a pediatrician until I dissected a frog in 7th grade. It was so nasty that I knew I could never be a doctor.
2. I won the 8th grade talent show with my two friends. We did a dance to "surfin USA."
3. When I was like 5 I decided to run away from home, but than my mom yelled outside it was time for dinner so I went back.
4. There is no food I dislike more than cream cheese.
5. My favorite song to this day is "I love you Lord." My parents always sang it and it holds great memories.
6. Me and two of my friends slept in the trunk of my car at the beach about 3 years ago.
7. I almost always laugh at my own jokes.
I believe now I am suppose to give this award away... Well, I will give it to...My sisters Jennifer Becker and Stephanie Roscoe. They are both incredible and have great blogs.

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