Monday, March 15, 2010

And Then There Was Monday

It has been a very long week. Not a week of all bad, but a week of mostly testing. I feel as though God is using every chance He has to shout "TRUST ME!" When I finally think I have conquered this battle I face another trial, whether it be finances, friends, or life(this week it was all three...ugh.). It is is way of beckoning me closer and I am learning how to respond. I am learning to run to Him with an honest heart, hiding nothing and fully embracing Him, even when I want to hide. All that said even in weeks that are not my favorite God is still good and I am still grateful.
181. The comfort of His WORD
182. Friends that make me laugh
183. Sisters who double as best friends
184. The knowledge the God is a healer and He is never late
185. $20 from a friend that was than given to another friend in serious need.
186. Laughing so hard you can't breathe over something that should be stressful... God can turn just about anything around for joy.
187. Girls night...what would I do without a bunch of food, chick flicks and good ol' girl talk.
188. Learning a seriously awesome game on Monday. Pegs and Jokers rules!
189. Dreams, I may not know what they mean yet, but at least God is speaking.
190. Cantalope...the comfort food of a daniel fast...
191. Misty Edwards Saturday devotional set... it out
192. Knowing that God is my comfort
193. Knowing that God has a plan
194. Grocery Shopping for less than $25.00...gotta love sales
195. Hearing how proud my nephew was about loosing another tooth

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