Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sweet Rest

It has been a tough few weeks. It has felt like one battle after another. None of them huge, but all exhausting. I was at a point of pure frustration and desperate for God to move. Unlike the past I have strived to run to God in these times rather than away from Him, but it has been hard.
Yesterday, I got to IHOPU Stundent Awakenng( and I was determined to draw near to God. Within a few minutes I was praying with people and having a good time, but I needed to hear from Him. As I continued to press in God began to awaken the desire for prophecy and preaching within my heart and the next thing I know a friend and I are prophesying over each other and being dramatically touched by God. That is when the rest came. As His words washed over me I felt the rest that I had so longed for and the peace that comes after a storm. It was a reminder that I am seen, I am heard, and I am not alone.
I know that we all face different trails some huge and some small, but they are all exhausting. God knows and He will bring rest in the perfect moment.
For those of you who are dying to know, I have water again!

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