Thursday, March 4, 2010

No Walls

I have been going through a class called Pure Heart on Tuesday nights. It is a class focused on inner healing and forgiveness. Going into the class nothing came to mind that I needed healing for, but I am smart enough to know there are more layers to your heart than you think. The class and consisted of me crying pretty much every week and dealing with things I thought no longer existed. These last two weeks have been especially hard, because I have had to face walls I have built up to "protect" myself. The funny thing about walls is that we think they protect us, but really they leave us standing alone. As the walls begin to crumble I am feeling vulnerable. I am comforted with the fact that I in my vulnerability Jesus is standing with me, I am no longer alone. The things that were my protection are gone and now the true Protector can take His place in my heart. I may not love feeling vulnerable, but I cannot describe the freedom that comes along with truly relying on God. He is with me, He is good, and I am no longer an island.

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