Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am living in a place known for prayer. I have learned a few things since coming here, but the most important one is that He hears the faith filled and the weak. I have moments of absolute belief that everything He has promised He will do and I have moments of complete insecurity that I will make it through one day. He hears me when I am at my weakest and my prayers consist of "Do you really see me?" He knows that my heart is for Him and He knows I am human and weak.
Prayer can be a funny thing when we try to make it sound just right and fit into a curtain box. The truth about prayer is that it is to be a time of our hearts connecting with His. If your heart is in a weak place why pretend all is well when you pray? I mean He knows my struggles already so why not be honest? He knows that sometimes it is all I can to not break down crying and He knows the days that I have enough faith to carry myself and others.
When we are honest with God it reveals two things. It shows us how much we trust God and where our hearts are. This is not a bad thing it is just a true reflection of our need for Him in every season. He listens to every prayer. Not one word falls to the ground. So be real, He can handle it and He will love you even in the weakness.

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