Friday, April 9, 2010

Why Am I Here?

I am entering yet another new season. I am done with my internship and now I am in the process of becoming full time staff at IHOP. One of the things they teach us in Partner Development (fund raising class) is that you must clearly communicate your life vision and why you are doing what you are doing. This has really caused me to stop and think. What am I called to? Why am I in Missouri? What is the big picture?
What I know is this at 16 God called me out. I was bound within myself and He came and set me free. In that moment He gave me Jeremiah 1:5 and I knew I would one day go to the nations as a voice for the Lord. As I grew older I began to think this calling was insane and would never happen, but I knew it was the Lords heart for me. I went to bible college, did an internship and served my church waiting for open doors. It was a season of waiting and learning how to listen.
When I moved to IHOP in September I knew I was one step closer to what I was called to do. IHOP-KC is a ministry that passionatly pursues the voice of the Lord for this time and this generation. During my time planted in the prayer room I have grown very confident in hearing the Lord. I know He is speaking and I know He is using my voice to communicate. I believe that as I serve this house I will grow in the prophetic and eventually go to the nations. I know my voice will be used to communicate Gods heart for justice in the "END-TIMES."
My heart is to be planted deep in prayer and in the word that I cannot be swayed. I know I am choosing a path others will call crazy, but it is right. I am so sure that this is what God has set me apart for. I was always meant to be different and this is just the beginning of a great journey. I will serve the House of Prayer and go WHEREVER He calls me to. Yes, this is just the beginning.

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