Friday, April 30, 2010


Clarity, clarity, clarity. The one thing I am always praying for and the one thing I always seem to be lacking is clarity. Clarity on what is next, clarity on life, clarity in every area of who I am. I pray constantly and I know He is guiding me, but must it always be a mystery? Does God at some point tell you out right what is next? If He does tell you whats next, will He follow that up with instructions on how to get there? I know that He guides my every step, but I am still have tendence to question and wonder. What does tomorrow hold?? Am I making the best choices?? Am I truly being led by God??
The fact of the matter is I have very little clarity on what tomorrow holds. I have no clue about a great many things in life, but I know He is with me. I know He has kept me safe and rescued me from some pretty huge messes. I know that clarity will come in His time and that He will not be rushed. I know that whatever He has for me He will provide for. I know that He is ok with my questions. He knows I am not great with suprises and I like plans. He has the best in store for me. I am just suppose to trust and follow one day at a time.

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