Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am not a big party girl. I never have been really. The perfect birthday always involves my family and a few friends eating dinner at my mom and dad's. Even though I turned 27 yesterday it was my first birthday away from family. I was not sure how I was going to do, since on Easter (last week) I was near tears most of the day. Luckily God has blessed me in this season with incredible friends who have quickly become like family to me. I may be far from home, but I am very blessed with people who care about me.
236.Glow Worms. I loved them as a kid and getting one as an adult is just hilarious.

237. Grasshopper Pie

238. Amazing Friends

239. A midnight "happy birthday" text from my cousin and my sister Jenn
240. Calling my mom half a dozen times in one day and she still answers the phone
241. Watching a movie that is so weird you end up thinking about it the rest of the night.
242. Talking about what God is doing with friends
243. Silly texts during the worlds most boring class
244. Ending up at a hospital when looking for a coffee shop...good ol' Antioch
245. Finding good coffee in KC.
246. Song dedications all the way to lunch
247. Knowing that only great things come out of time with the Lord
248. Elli stealing Jenn's phone and dialing my number.
249. My dad being the first to call me on my birthday
250. The goodness of God. He always knows just what we need.

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