Sunday, April 18, 2010

Multitude Monday

It has been a quiet week. Most of my close friends are home and I have had a lot of time alone. I have had a lot of time to seek God and lay all my emotions, prayers, hopes and dreams before Him. He is always there, He always listens and in the end still always loves. He encourages and He corrects. I am thankful for the moments that are just "us". There is nothing better than time with God.
251. Alone time with Jesus
252. Long drives filled with worship music, tears, prayer and breakthrough
253. Reading my bible by the lake
254. The search for good coffee
255. Breaking onto roofs
256. Coffee and long talks with Sonja.
257. Talking to my best friend
258. Calling my sisters and mom all the is pretty fun:)
259. Laughing so hard you cry
260. A text from Jenn telling me Elli said "Jesuh"
261. Long walks with friends

262. Fish tacos with friends

263. Going to Portland
264. Tax Money and those who provided it
265. Finishing taxes.

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