Monday, February 8, 2010


I am sitting at a coffee shop with my head phones in, coffee in hand, watching it snow. I should be studying my Revelation notes for a quiz on Thursday, but my brain can hold no more information. I am sitting here with a cheesy grin on my face, I am happy. You cannot study Revelation and be anything but thankful for all Jesus has done for us. He has given us a road map so clear that we should have no doubt that He is on our side and will guide us. What a joy it is to be living in this generation! I live knowing I could very well see the return of Christ! This very revelation used to terrify me, but now it brings a smile to my face. My heart knows the love of Christ and longs to dwell with Him. He is just so good!! Anyways... I have a lot to be thankful for so lets get to it...
121. Revelation Study Guide by mike Bickle...helpful
122. True deep rooted Joy
123. Loving where I am and not feeling like I have to have my life figured out.
124. Suprise coffee date with a new friend
125. Super Bowl Party
126. Realizing Jesus loves me for me and not for what I do
127. Realizing I love Jesus for who He is and knowing I will have eternity to discover His heart
128. itunes gift cards from my christmas music rules
129. My parents... I really just love them and the more I hear others stories the more I see how blessed I am.
130. Chinese food with Julia
131. Lorens brother thinking my name really was Stewart Katie and not Katie Stewart
132. Getting lost in the airport parking lot for 30 minutes looking for my car with Loren and Adam.
133. Sledding with Loren running into a bush and being "rescued" by Adam, which resulted in Him crashing into us and making the whole situation
134. Silly inside jokes with friends
135. Sisters! Mine are better than yours just deal with it:)
136. Roxy driving me around because driving in the snow freaks me out.
137. Not getting the cold everyone else has!
138. Americano with half n' half
139. My mom knowing more about Blogs than me and changingmy page...isn't it nice?
140. The life God has given me...He is just so good!!!


  1. I do like your new blog layout. Miss you.

  2. the fact that our technology challenged mom knows more about blogs that probably all 3 of us combined is truly amazing.