Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My monday blog on Tuesday

It was one of those days that i felt completely raw on the inside. You could have said anything to me and I would have cried. It was a moment of knowing God wanted more of me and I did not have any clue how to give it. I was in a place of longing for more of Him, but not knowing how to be open and let walls fall. I met with a friend and just allowed my heart to speak. In the end I realized it was time to truly let Him closer. He was longing to unlock another door inside my heart, but i had to let Him close to do it. After speaking with a friend I went and just cried and let the tears wash over me. I read about the dedication of those in the bible and cried more. I let Him so close that it hurt, but I knew it needed to happen. When I let my guard down He met me. He brought gentle correction and comfort. He did not disappoint, He was good.
151. Friends who push you toward God
152. A fun homemade blanket from Chrissy...She is the sweetest friend ever
153. Tears of change
154. Powerful times in prayer
155. Being challenged to push for more and not be satisfied with the little.
156. A wonderful intro family who had me over for breakfast and always make sure I am ok.
157. Making ridiculous videos with friends just because we can
158. Talking to Jenn on the phone and hearing Elli in the back ground
159. Awakening services that words can't discribe
160. Friends who love me so much and don't make me walk when my car in dumb.

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