Friday, January 22, 2010


Last night my internship here at IHOP went up for prayer. To be honest I had little to no expectaion of what God wanted to do. I see God shake people to the core everynight, I see the outward manifestations and I just figured that was not me. Last night though God broke me and healed me. I was on the floor (not normal) and I saw a vision of me with all these daggers in my sides and back. God asked to remove them and I didn't want him to at first because I knew it would hurt, but He asked again. The second time I cried out and said God take away anything that is keeping me from recieving from you. As he pulled each dagger of rejection, bouundage, and wrong thinking out He would touch the wound and it was gone. It did not even leave a scar it was as though it never happpend. I got up and I knew I was healed. As I proclaimed the healing I began to be filled with His Spirit in a whole new way. I became one of those people manifesting His power. I am still shaking as I type knowing how good the God I serve is... Be free today.

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