Monday, January 18, 2010

Life is good

I was sitting there last night listening to the beautiful sounds of worship coming from my new friends and I felt at home. I felt like I finally found the people with the same passion and drive for God that has always been a deep part of me. People that I could say anything to and know they would lift me up in prayer. I never would have known God had this in store for me, but I am so grateful. I am sure the best is still yet to come.
101. New friends
102. Deep work of God in my heart
103. beautiful worship with friends
104. a day to get all the must do's done...
105. my wonderful cousins who support me always and paid to get my car fix.
106. Being a full time intern. I may have 0 dollars, but I have peace of knowing I am doing the right thing
107. Good talks with friends
108. Texting my sister about heart matters
109. Letters from my niece and nephew... so funny so cute
110. my baby niece kissing the phone as we talk
111. pepper jack cheese
112. a clean car
113. The best small group ever!
114. being so in love with Jesus

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