Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Job

It is me the worlds worst blogger here to tell you about my awesome life. I am a professional diaper changing, nose wiping', nap given, nanny. You may think "I've seen super nanny that must be hard work" Well I hate to burst your bubble, but that show is a load of poop. Nanny's do not come in and change how a family is run, we simply follow instructions. Sometimes, that means going to movies, those are the good days. No matter what I am told to do my job is always interesting. And rarely hard.
Here is a story from last week:
I was at work giving the baby a bottle when all of the sudden the cat FREAKS OUT!! First of all you must know I am terrified of cats, because at a nanny job a few years ago, the cat was satan or something and chased me and tried to claw my face off. That being said I look over at the cat and see feathers flying. "Oh crap a bird is in the house" I thought. Well, about 5 seconds later this nasty bird comes flying by my head. I did what every grown woman would do and ran outside with the baby. I mean I am not about to touch bird, especially with a cat after it. What if the cat thinks I am stealing its meal and ninjas me??? Not going to happen. I was not about to be scratched to death or pecked to death by getting in the middle of this war. After little thought I went to the neighbor, whom I did not know, and asked him to get the bird. He did!! The beauty of being a girl I suppose. With the bird out of the house it was time to get back to "nannying".
And that is my job.

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  1. oh-my-goodness! I already knew this story and still laughed until I cried. I was trying to read it to Brian and could barely get the words out because I was laughing so hard! You should write more often!