Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beauty In Freedom

Last year I made a list of things I wanted to see the Lord do. The list had personal things about going on a date to deep spiritual things I wanted for me or for my family. It was a pretty good list, but not totally realistic. But it got me thinking and prayer about where God was taking me, which was the whole point. As I sat in the prayer room today I started thinking about 2011 and what I wanted to see happen, but more so what the Lord wanted for me. He gave me one phrase. BEAUTY IN FREEDOM. 2010 was a year of letting go for me. Letting go of control, dreams, hurts, the past, and false identity, but 2011 will be abut freedom.
Freedom only comes with sacrifice and that has been this year. I have walked away from all I know, because I believe that there is a a beauty in the freedom of Christ. I believe it is worth fighting for and worth moments of pain. I know that God brings us to a wilderness so that we can see we need to hold on to nothing but Him. He knows that when we fully let go we are able to enjoy true freedom. He has stripped me of so much comfort. He has marked me like never before and it has hurt. He has done this so that I can enjoy freedom on a level I've never known. I am so excited because I can see true beauty on the horizon. It is going to be good!!
As I begin to write out my new goals for 2011, I will write without hindrance knowing that I am free to believe. I am free to trust in old promises and free to believe for new ones. Believe for the beauty of freedom in 2011.

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